Developer Information

Development History

The development of Wilma was started in the summer of 2013.

At the end of that year V0.6 become available. It was a fully functional transparent proxy and service stub.

In 2014, the following enhancements were added/implemented: interceptors, jar upload handling, wilma-message search enhancements, and V0.7 was created.

In Jan 2015, some further enhancements were added: message sequence handling, moving from maven to gradle build, internal load measurements, and V0.8 was created.

In 2015, Wilma V1.0 was created, and it is opened for public use. Since then Wilma got further features and stability improvements, please see the Release Notes page in Github for further details.

Development Environment

If you would like to build, run, debug, or implement your own interceptor/template formatter/sequence handler/condition checker classes, you can find info on how to setup and use a development environment here...

Wilma Architecture

If you are interested in how Wilma works, visit this page...

How to contribute?

There are three ways you can help us:

Raise an issue. You found something that does not work as expected? Let us know about it.

Suggest a feature. It's even better if you come up with a new feature and write us about it.

Write some code. We would love to see more pull requests to Wilma, just make sure you have the latest sources.

See this page in order to contact us.

Analysing Heap Dumps

If you are interested on how to analyse heap Dumps, visit this page...