Wilma - a combined Universal Stub and Transparent Proxy

Wilma is a Service Virtualization tool, that combines the capabilities of a Service Stub and a HTTP/HTTPS Transparent Proxy. Its main purpose is to support development and testing applications/services/components those functionality relies/depends on another - usually 3rd party - service or services. The selected architecture approach makes it capable to use it in performance test environment and environment that contains microservices. It is written in Java, and the solution consists of two standalone applications:

  • Wilma application
  • Wilma Message Search application

Wilma application is the highly configurable Service Virtualization tool. It logs the messages, and meanwhile acts as a proxy between the components, makes it possible to stub responses based on configuration defined in JSON file(s). It is also possible to alter/modify the messages, real-time. It is designed for use in development and test environments where test automation is in use (unit, integration, functional or end-to-end). Also can be used for manual tests. It is expandable easily via plugins.

Wilma Message Search application provides high performance searching of the request-response pairs those were logged by Wilma application.

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